Movie review : Annihilation ( 2018 )


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The primary conflict in this unique and somewhat confusing science fiction story is woman versus the supernatural.   Natalie Portman stars as Lena, who had served in the U.S. Army for seven years prior to graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in cellular biology.   Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Doctor Ventress, a psychologist employed by the U.S. government and possible former military officer.   Both characters are recruited alongside three other female operatives, these played by lesser known actresses, effectively forming a 5-woman detachment which is then deployed to a national park within the United States.   Armed with M-4 automatic carbines and thermite hand grenades, they must enter the “Shimmer”, a mysterious area which has been expanding during the previous three years after an object from outer space had impacted ( struck ) the lighthouse within this national park.   Characterized by an odd and colourful glow, the Shimmer affects any and all forms of electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight and radio signals, as well as the genetic composition ( DNA ) of any plant or animal life surrounded by it.   The mission of this 5-woman detachment is to investigate the source of the Shimmer and report back to authorities.   During this mission, they lose all contact with the outside world and encounter a very limited number of hostile alien creatures, these being local animals which have had their DNA altered by this extraterrestrial influence.   Annihilation is definitely a movie worth seeing in the theater because of it’s action, suspense, and special effects.

Movie Review : Atomic Blonde (2017)

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Checked out a great movie this afternoon Atomic Blonde by Director David Leitch.  The primary conflict in this action spy thriller  is woman versus man as Charlize Theron stars as Lorraine Broughton, a C.I.A. operative posing an an MI-6(British Intelligence) agent. Set in the divided city of Berlin during the 1989 East German Uprising, the story focuses on a fictitious covert spy mission towards the end of the Cold War.  In reality  this was when the Berlin Wall was broken through and eventually demolished and the communist rule of East German President Erik Honnecker overthrown through a popular revolt.  Lorraine Broughton is assigned by MI-6 to enter East Berlin, the Soviet-occupied sector of that city, to retrieve extremely sensitive information which could expose high level officials within NATO’s intelligence community. She shows off her lethal skills in a  fight for her life during extremely intense and graphic hand to hand combat scenes and  realistic  gun battle.  Proficient in German, Swedish and Russian, Agent Broughton is also an expert at covert intelligence gathering and unarmed combat, effectively trailing one of her contacts, who turns out to be a traitor, from the   shadows.   Her enemies mainly comprise Stasi (East German Intelligence) and Soviet K.G.B. agents.   Standing five feet nine and a half inches tall,  Charlize Theron is perfect for this role as she possesses an exceptionally imposing athletic physique for a 42-year old woman.  Her ongoing physical training over the course of many years has included weight training, resistance training, yoga, gymnastics and swimming.  In preparation for her role as Lorraine Broughton, she was reportedly put through at least three months of intense martial arts training.   This is one intensely exciting action movie that is a must see for all action Fans. Well worth the wait in line.  (Article by Freelance Writer B.E. Shibley)


First of all I want to start off by apologizing for the lack of content on our site in the last couple of years.  The Universe has a funny way of making us slow down and reevaluate our life. This article will not be pleasant and I am pretty sure not very popular with most people given it is Christmas.  It’s funny I had in mind a completely different article but fate interceded an this is the article I felt compelled to write.

I recently met an older lady in my building who had recently moved to the building.  We talked of family and of life.  Her regret in life was that she had not been more grateful for her life.  I think we can all relate to that. As we talked she talked about all the Humanitarian work her daughter does overseas including the creation of a large garden for the women of the Village.  I was truly in awe of the accomplishments of her daughter so you can imagine my surprise when our conversation changed to the possibility of a Guaranteed Income for everyone in Canada she became outraged that we would all be equal and that there would be nothing to make us different or special.  I was mortified that here her daughter was trying to make the World a better place but the Mother was more concerned with her place in life.  She felt they didn’t deserve to be equal and that it would discourage people from working or having dreams.  I felt deep sadness that she could not see the bigger picture.  How many of us  feel defined by how much we make or the amount in our bank accounts?  I quickly changed the subject and left the room.

It made me stop and think how many of us are guilty of this?  Donating our time and money to the less fortunate with the hopes that their plight never changes so that we can continue to feel good about ourselves?  Ungiving is when you donate money hoping it doesn’t change anything.  This article is not about Not donating but rather it is to make us more Mindful of why we are donating.  During the holidays a lot of people donate out of guilt or on autopilot.  We need to embrace helping each other every day of the year and give from our hearts.  We should give because we believe that everyone in the World has the right to Food, Water and Shelter it’s not a privilege.  It’s all about change and Change is Good.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and Blessed holidays

Have a great day!



Bomb Threat Rocks the Harbour Front!

(Toronto, Ontario) Thursday August 25, 2016 bomb threat rocks Harbour Front! At approx. 2:30pm 6 plus fire engines and police cars and ambulences blocked off York St. and Queens Quay W to Lower Simcoe.  As of 4:30 pm. it’s being pouring rain and all the emergency vehicles are still in place and traffic is being diverted east and north at York St.   A hose from one of the Fire trucks near Lower Simcoe can be seen going into the condo building at 218 Queens Quay W.  We will keep you appraised of any new developments.   The latest news is that the 3 people killed with cross bow in Scarborough at 1:30pm this afternoon is now being linked to the suspicious package being investigated at 218 Queens Quay W.  Slowly some of the Fire trucks are leaving the Quay as of 5:33pm.  We will continue to keep you posted.  (Pictures and story by R. Birkland) 100_1126 100_1130 100_1131