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Movie Review : Atomic Blonde (2017)

Video Trailer credit Youtube Checked out a great movie this afternoon Atomic Blonde by Director David Leitch.  The primary conflict in this action spy thriller  is woman versus man as Charlize Theron stars as Lorraine Broughton, a C.I.A. operative posing an an MI-6(British Intelligence) agent. Set in the divided city of Berlin during the 1989 […]


On Monday August 1, 2016, two juvenile Capybaras were observed roaming around within their enclosed area at the High Park Zoo (Toronto, Ontario) much to the delight of onlookers.   At the time of this observation, the lone adult Capybara held there was nowhere to be seen, probably resting within the sizable wooden structure occupied […]

Update on the Syrian Civil War

From late September and well into November 2015, Russian military aircraft were flown during combat sorties (air strikes) against anti-government insurgent positions in Syria, causing “powerful explosions” on the ground there.   As of this writing, this military intervention may very well have killed thousands of people.   On October 7, 2015, Russian warships launched 26 SS-N-27 […]

Morning Smile

Today’s great smile is from one of my favourite sites Can U Still Hear Me? (Facebook). OMG can you believe it’s October?  I love October it’s festive and it’s my Birthday month!  That’s right my Birthday needs a whole month to celebrate my big personality and ego.  LOL.   I have been away for a while […]