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The Science of Mars Rover – Curiosity

  Mars Rover Curiosity  “Curiosity” is the name assigned to a wheeled, self-propelled vehicle which was successfully deployed to the planet Mars in August 2012.   After an interplanetary journey aboard an exceptionally powerful and capable NASA space rocket, this having covered an estimated 350,000,000 miles through outer space, Curiosity was then lowered into the Martian […]

The Apple I-Pad – Tech Review

Apple Ipad   The Apple I-Pad tablet uses a lithium polymer battery, as an electric power source, and contains the Samsung A5X microchip.   First mass produced in March 2012, the A5X microchip has a clock rate of between 800 megahertz and one gigahertz.   The Apple I-Pad features wireless Internet access, and has a built-in miniature 5-mega […]

No mourning at Apple store for loss of Steve Jobs

The World grieves a Visionary and Technological Icon.  I like thousands made my pilgrimage to the Apple store at the Eaton’s Centre Toronto Canada on Thursday to pay my respects and to catch a glimpse of how others were reacting to the news of Steve Jobs death.  Personally, I have nothing but praise for Steve Jobs he actually […]