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Death of a Technological Icon

It is with great sadness that we report the death of a Technological Icon Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple Computers on Wednesday at the age of 56.   We will miss you greatly Steve.  Thanks for making technology so cool.   RIP 1955-2011  Lucky

Free Long Distance on your iPhone or Blackberry

Wow found a really great free app for iPhones and some Blackberry models.  Go to and register to get a free app on your cell phone that lets you make long distance calls across Canada for free.  I have used it many times and am very impressed with the quality of the call and of course […]

Supercomputer capability

    As of this writing, the most powerful and capable supercomputer in existence is the Tianhe-1A, which is located in communist China.    This electronic marvel is capable of performing 2.5 quadrillion calculations per second, giving it a capability of 2.5 petaflops.   However, the Cray Titan is an American supercomputer which is currently under construction.   This […]

Google email Undo button Genius!

Have you ever wanted to tell your boss exactly what you thought of them or perhaps you have broken up with someone via email only to regret and eternally agonize over your decision?  No more!  As long as you use Gmail and hit the undo button within 30 seconds major faux pas can be avoided thanks to […]