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A Million Thanks!!!

A big shout out to all my fans.  I am touched, delighted and overwhelmed by the amount of positive comments from all of you.  I love hearing from each and everyone of you.  I wanted to personally thank every one for your comments they mean so much to me and validate the purpose of this site.  […]

Kool Hair cut!

      Big shout out to Phil for humouring me and letting me take pics of his hair cut. Superman on one side and Spider on the other side.  At least when you have to shave it off you will have these pics to remind you.  Too awesome looking not to share.    Lucky 

Shout out to Justin and Nadim

A big shout out to my two newest fans Justin and Nadim from the Health club.  Not only are they fans they also help keep me motivated to work out.  Remember no matter how busy you are always make time for yourself and work out regularly.  Not only is it great to rid your body of stress.  […]

Big Shout Out to Virgin Mobile

Big shout out to Clayton at Virgin mobile in the Dufferin Mall for not one but two great cell phones.  If you are in need of a new cell phone ask for Clayton if he is not there don’t bother come back when he is.  The knowledge this guy has is amazing and more importantly accurate.  […]