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Loss of Innocence at Connecticut Elementary School

 Image: Google Images Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Connecticut Elementary School shooting.   We respect their need for privacy during this very difficult time.  It was a day like any other in a scene that plays out every weekday in every State and in every town.  With hurried kisses, hugs and good-byes innocent children are […]

Iron Dome Interceptor Successfully Launched

  How the Iron Dome Interceptor searches and destroys The Iranian-made Fajr-5 surface-to-surface missile is calibrated at 333mm and is armed with a 386-pound high explosive warhead.  It is supersonic, fin-stabilized and unguided while in flight towards it’s ground target and possesses a maximum effective range of fifty miles.  A limited number of Fajr-5 missiles were […]

Tribute to 911

Today’s beautiful tribute is from Let your Light shine (Facebook).   Today we remember the men, women and children who perished September 11, 2001.   Our prayers and thoughts go out to the victims, heroes and families of 911. They were our family, friends, lovers, sisters, brothers and grandparents. Like a lot of people I have my own […]

Horrific Drug Plague in Russia

Desomorphine (chemical formula : C17H21NO2) is a powerful drug which takes the form of a powder.   First synthesized in 1932, it is far more potent than heroin and can be either ingested orally or injected intravenously through a syringe.   A controlled substance, desomorphine has been consumed as an illicit drug throughout Russia, where it is often referred […]