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Update on the Syrian Civil War

From late September and well into November 2015, Russian military aircraft were flown during combat sorties (air strikes) against anti-government insurgent positions in Syria, causing “powerful explosions” on the ground there.   As of this writing, this military intervention may very well have killed thousands of people.   On October 7, 2015, Russian warships launched 26 SS-N-27 […]

Ivory Coast Civil War

   Between November 2010 and April 2011, government military forces killed more than 800 civilians throughout the small West African nation of Ivory Coast.   Towards the end of this period, mortars and heavy machineguns were being fired against people, this development raising very serious international concern.   Some BM-21 Grad truck-mounted multiple rocket launchers and at […]

The Battle of Kingston

    In late May 2010, a four day-long battle was fought within an impoverished neighbourhood of Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica.    Here, units of the Jamaican Defence Force and Kingston Police clashed with armed supporters of Christopher “Dudas” Coke, a notorious drug lord and leader of the infamous “Shower Posse”.   Christopher Coke, who was […]

Russian Conquest of Siberia

The Russian conquest of Siberia occurred between 1580 and 1640.  Units of the Imperial Russian Army and Cossacks advanced eastward, crossing the Ural Mountains and seizing Qashliq, the capital city of the Siberian Khanate, through armed force.  This invasion was probably carried out in order to neutalize the Tartar (Turkic Mongol) threat, considering the 1571 ground […]