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Escaped Capybaras on the Lam in High Park

On Tuesday May 24, 2016, two Capybaras escaped captivity from the High Park Zoo located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   Classified as both mammal and rodent, Capybaras are also prehistoric survivors indigenous to areas of Panama and northwestern South America.   Fully grown, the Capybara can weigh as much as 140 pounds and possesses twenty teeth within […]

Paws Way Toronto Pomeranian Pom Pom Prom

   I had the pleasure of attending the Paws Way Pomeranian Pom Pom Prom at 245 Queen’s Quay on Thursday night.  Although I got there later than I anticipated I was still able to meet a couple of the participants.  One was a beautiful chocolate brown Pomeranian named Koda and the other was an adorable […]