The Battle of Kingston

    In late May 2010, a four day-long battle was fought within an impoverished neighbourhood of Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica.    Here, units of the Jamaican Defence Force and Kingston Police clashed with armed supporters of Christopher “Dudas” Coke, a notorious drug lord and leader of the infamous “Shower Posse”.   Christopher Coke, who was to be extradited to the United States, managed to evade his pursuers during this battle, which killed at least 49 people.   He may very well have fled Jamaica, possibly aboard either a private yacht or some other vessel.  Many of his supporters had erected barricades throughout city streets, this tactic effectively impeding the ground offensive by security forces into this neighbourhood.   The Shower Posse was heavily involved in the drug wars of the 1980’s, during which hundreds of people were killed.   Many of these homicide victims were “showered” with bullets, this clearly indicating murderous attacks involving submachinegun fire.

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