Shopping Alert! – LOULOU’S Shop ’Til You Drop 2011!

Tomorrow is The premiere shopping event of September.  Four hours of non stop shopping pandemonium.  If you haven’t RSVP yet take a minute to do so now by clicking on the link below.  Remember if you don’t RSVP each store you cannot participate.  

Shopoholics check out LouLou’s Shop ’til You drop on September 21. 2011 only from 5pm – 9pm   Take part in a fun-filled evening of amazing discounts, prizes, goodie bags, activities and more. Remember, you must RSVP for each event in order to attend!  Can hardly wait to check out the wool scarf you get as gift from Winners with $50 purchase.  So many shops so little time. Check out the map and list of shops participating.  There will be music, food, drinks and makeovers at certain locations so make sure you RSVP early. Come hang with the LOULOU team after your shopping spree, starting at 8:30 p.m.!  Cocktails*, hors d’oeuvre and much more!  Make sure you RSVP the after party.  This is our favorite September tradition.  Last year I had so much stuff from the gift bags and shopping I was totally exhausted.   It gives new meaning to the expression Power Shopping!  So let’s keep the economy moving and get a little retail therapy at the same time.   Happy treasure hunting!  Thanks to Pamela Simons for this great tip last year!

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day between the shopping and the lottery draw so I may be a little late with the updates.

Happy Shop ‘Til You Drop!


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