Heart & Stroke Calendar Lottery

This charity lottery for Heart & Stroke is the bargain of the Century.  For $25 you get a calendar but not just any calendar.  You have a chance to win $5,000 three times a day for the whole year!  As if that wasn’t good enough you have one chance per week to win $10,000 for the 52 weeks.  On top of this already great deal is the chance to win $100,000 once per month. Need more reasons to invest  your $25 dollars there are 12 Holiday jackpots of $25,000 for each month such as Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s and Valentines to name just a few.  You already missed the first draw for early bonus draw on November 10, 2011 of $25,000.  If you have been keeping score you will note that is 1171 chance to win money for a whole year for a mere $25 investment for an amazing cause.  You can also buy multiple calendars and give as gifts but you have to order by December 1st for holiday delivery.  You can get 3 for $70 or 6 for $125.  A great deal for a really great cause.  Go to http://calendar.heartandstroke.on.ca/index.html and purchase online, by phone or mail.

Every one needs a 2012 calendar and every one would love the chance to win money.  Why not combine the two for a great cause.  Get yours today.


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