Horror strikes Latin American prisons

On Wednesday February 15, 2012, a fire at least partially destroyed a federal prison located within the vicinity of Comayagua, Honduras.   This horrifying event, believed to be the worst disaster of it’s kind anywhere in the world in more than eighty years, killed 359 people within this penitentiary.   Charred corpses were all that was left of many of the deceased inmates in the aftermath of this inferno.    Days later, during that same month, hundreds of inmates clashed with each other within a federal penitentiary located near Monterrey in northern Mexico.   A total of 44 people were killed during this flare-up of gang violence, which was fought primarily between members of the Gulf Cartel and Zeta Gang, two rival factions heavily involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs.   (Article by Freelance Writer B. E. Shibley)

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