Paws Way Toronto Pomeranian Pom Pom Prom


I had the pleasure of attending the Paws Way Pomeranian Pom Pom Prom at 245 Queen’s Quay on Thursday night.  Although I got there later than I anticipated I was still able to meet a couple of the participants.  One was a beautiful chocolate brown Pomeranian named Koda and the other was an adorable black and white Pomeranian named Jolie.  I have to apologize as I am having problems with the pics I took of them.  I am hoping to have them fixed and online by tonight.  Apparently taking pics with the iphone causes alot of white and green eyes with pet pics which are harder to fix.  I personally love this breed because they are such happy social dogs.  They love to go out whether it is in the boat, car or walking and they love people.

If you live in the downtown core and you have a cat or a dog Paws Way is a must visit place for you and your furry friend.  They have events by breeds, an indoor off lease play area, gift shop and cafe that allows you to have a coffe or snack with your pet.   There is an area that has cards and flyers of every imaginable service for your pet from coiffeurs, dog walkers, doggy day care and boarding.  There is an area where kids can colour pictures, computers set up to help you find your forever pet.  A really great place for the whole family.  I am definitely going to be a regular there.

This is Koda one of the two Pomeranians I met at Paws Way on Thursday (pic is from their onlne file until I can fix the one I took).  Quite the character and such a happy guy.

This is the first time I ever saw a chocolate brown Pomeranian.  Koda is beautiful and sooooo soft.

Can’t make it there in person no problem you can check them out online at  They have a place for you to create a profile for you and your cat or dog.   Have a question regarding your pet?  Ask an expert online and check out their calendar of events.


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