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Monday’s are the hardest day to get through because it’s so hard to get back in the swing of things after the weekend.  My theme today is Soul sucking frenemies.  Everyone has them.  They will smile at you while they stab you in the back and heart over and over again.  They belittle your dreams and make fun of you while telling you they are just trying to help.  We need to thank them for making us strong and break all ties with them.  You need to believe in You in all your Awesomeness!  Once you start believing the World will open up to You in ways you never imagined!  Don’t let anything or one stand in the way of your dreams.  I see Greatness in each and every one of you but you have to believe it and feel it.  Today’s quotes come from so many great sites Global Healing, Wings of your Soul, My Attitude-My Life-My Rules and  Love quotes and Sayings all on Facebook.  There is so much here to inspire, heal and perhaps make you smile.  I hope it puts a smile on your lips and your heart.


We all came with Owner Manual’s!  It’s in You!


LMAO so true!




Every day is a new chance to have a new beginning.  Turn the page in your book of dreams and start creating.  There are a million possibilies and you are deserving of them all.

Have a Great one!


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