The Apple I-Pad – Tech Review

Apple Ipad   The Apple I-Pad tablet uses a lithium polymer battery, as an electric power source, and contains the Samsung A5X microchip.   First mass produced in March 2012, the A5X microchip has a clock rate of between 800 megahertz and one gigahertz.   The Apple I-Pad features wireless Internet access, and has a built-in miniature 5-mega pixel still image digital camera and a built-in miniature high definition video camera.   Utilizing touch screen technology, this compact electronic consumer product also has a built-in cellular telephone application and can display a perhaps limitless selection of movies and music.   Possessing a maximum capacity of 64 gigabytes of computerized data, the Apple I-Pad tablet actually has a special application which can convert spoken word into digital text, which can then be stored and e-mailed. Ease of use is dependent largely on one’s knowledge of technology.  I found a lot of sites and video that have tutorials on its use from beginner to advance. (Article by Freelance Writer B.E. Shibley)

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