Tribute to 911

Today’s beautiful tribute is from Let your Light shine (Facebook).  

Today we remember the men, women and children who perished September 11, 2001.   Our prayers and thoughts go out to the victims, heroes and families of 911. They were our family, friends, lovers, sisters, brothers and grandparents.

Like a lot of people I have my own sad story of 911.  I have a friend we will call him Tariq (not real name) he got a job prior to 911 in the Twin Towers less than 6 months and I remember he was so happy and he even offered to get me a job there as we were at the time both in banking.  I decided not to take the offer as I really did not want to live so far from my family.  Something just didn’t feel right at the time but I could not put my finger on it.  In the chaos of 911 I could not remember which company he took the job at because of my panic.  I cursed myself for not keeping the information I had had on a piece of paper with his work number on.  My heart died that day.  For 7 years I searched the list of deceased and  I checked all the names of the companies in the Twin Towers desperate to hear if my friend had made it but sad at the thought that he might not have.  We both had busy lives so we lost touch during those 6 months so it made me feel even more determined to find him.  He was and is my friend I wanted his memory to mean something should I find out he had passed.  My desperation grew with every person I found with the same name that turned out not to be him.  I was relieved to find that the 2000 employees of CIBC Wood Gundy which was actually across the street all made it out safe and sound.  That was the company we both worked at before he moved to New York.  I called every one and anyone I could find even Associations I found he was affiliated with.  Finally in November of 2008 I found my friend ALIVE!!!! I was so happy I found him on Facebook.  You would think that is great news but sadly it was not.  My friend with the great sense of humour and easy smile was but a shell of the person I knew.  He was so traumatized.  God had spared him by sending him on a business trip but all his co-workers perished that day and the guilt and sadness killed his spirit and his soul.  It was like losing my friend all over again.  Even as I write this I can feel the relief and pain all over again.  Every time it is as if someone is ripping off a bandage but the wound hasn’t had a chance to completely heal.  I have since tried to reach out and help him and renew the friendship but he is now a lost soul and my heart breaks for him.  Some names and details have been slightly altered to respect and protect my friend’s privacy.

When we think of war and revenge, what is it really all about?  Do we know?  You killed 10 of my people I will kill 50 of yours to get even.  When is it enough? Of all the species on this planet and I am sure in the Universe we are the only one hell bent on killing each other.   If we are all God and one with the Universe than we are not fighting each other we are fighting ourselves.  Once we understand this only then can we see the futility of violence.

On September 11, 2001 the World was changed. We were changed.  I was changed and We can never turn back or allow ourselves to forget the Souls that were lost.  I pray for the Souls and Spirits lost that day but more importantly I pray for the ones that wished they had passed with their co-workers and loved ones.  So great is their burden and sorrow.  Every Soul is precious and every moment.   Take the time to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you not today.  Every day!  The images are from some really amazing sites Jokes, Funny, laugh and Quotes, George Takei’s photo’s, Touched by Nature, Words of Wisdom and Remembering 911 (Facebook).

Photo: Read about my own reflections, and what I wrote 11 years ago, at That Blog Is So Takei.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

The day that changed everything! Approx. 2976 Souls passed away that day!  A day we will never forget!

Thank you for allowing me to finally share my story it is but one of thousands.  I always thought that I was the one that was here to share, inspire, heal or just make you smile but really you are all the reason I do this.  You have all touched me with your kindness, encouragement and comments and I am honoured to be a part of your day.

Make this day your new beginning!


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