Banish Bullying

The picture is care of  RIP Amanda Todd’s Facebook page. 

When I started out today I thought I was going to do a Quotes of the day article but I am so touched by the tragic story of Amanda Todd I felt compelled to share her story.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this incredibly difficult time.  This beautiful soul was victimized by an online pedophile and then everyone else victimized her by ridiculing her for it.  She was beautiful and smart.  Did she make some mistakes and bad choices? Absolutely!  What teenager hasn’t?  At one of the schools she moved to a boy who had a girlfriend flirted and hooked up with her.  She admitted to it and owned it.  But he pursued her and pretended to like her so he could have sex with her.  Instead of his girlfriend being mad at him or dumping his cheating ass she decides  to beat Amanda up with 50+ kids watching, cheering and you guessed it recording it on their phones.  After several attempts at suicide and cutting herself. Amanda passed by hanging herself.  People were actually posting that they wish she was dead.  How sad and sick is that?

I really think the pedophile that posted  the pictures of her should be in prison for stalking and distribution of child porn.  The boy that had sex with her should be charged with statutory rape of a minor.  The girlfriend that thinks her cheating boyfriend is such a great catch should be charged with assault and battery.  If it was possible I would like all of them to be charge with her murder because if not for their actions this beautiful soul would still be alive and with us.

Karma is a Bitch!  I wonder what price they are all going to have to pay for their part in this?  Will it be worth it?

Sadly, the number of suicides due to bullying is rising at an alarming rate.  I think they should be treated and punished like adults.  We need to send a very strong message that it is unacceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated.

Please take a moment to check out her video it is so incredibly sad but amazing in it simplicity.  I wish I had known her so I could have hugged her and told her it will get better.

Scarred for Life


Found this amazing story on Zenses Holistic Therapies (Facebook). What an amazingly simple way to show how bullying effects children.  This teacher is a genius!

To all those that are suffering in silence.  Know that it will get better and there are people that care about you.  I wish I could hug all of you and show you what I see.

I see Greatness in all of you!


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