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This great pic is from one of my newest favourite site Everything in Space and Time (Facebook) 

I found this great picture and I thought this is a perfect sign from the Universe.  I love the colours so bright and beautiful and of course the perfect message.  I wanted to find a way to thank all of you for allowing me to be a part of your day and lives.  It takes three things to have a great blog site………….an inordinate amount of coffee, plenty of tunes and awesome videos to get the creativity flowing.  LOL.  Today’s morning smiles are from some of my favourite sites Yang-Sheng 養生 for health, happiness & harmony, Laugh it’s Free, It’s so Dumb and Stupid-It’s Funny, Insane Ramblings, Faithless Daughter, Everything in Space and Time, Jokes, Maxine, Funny, laughs and quotes, Global Healing Exchange (Facebook), Can U Still Hear Me?, Cute chihuahua caught dancing video (Jokeroo), the evolution of dancing  Judson Laipply (Youtube) and Eiffel 65 Blue video (Youtube).  There is something here for everyone to help heal, enlighten, inspire or just put a smile on your lips and your Soul.  Remember to check out our Facebook page and Liking Us by clicking on the F in the top right hand corner. Thanks for sharing your day with me.


So I have checked my lottery tickets and I guess I won’t be giving up my day job and time soon!  LOL

What’s the expression Sink or Swim??? More like Fly or Die!!!  Ouch!!!! Sucks to be a reindeer!  


A Well-Planned Retirement 

Outside England’s Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years, its parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant…..
The fees for cars ($1.40),for buses (about $7).
Then, one day, after 25 solid years of never missing a day of work, he just didn’t show up; so the zoo management called the city council and asked it to send them another parking agent.
The council did some research and replied that the parking lot was the zoo’s own responsibility.
The zoo advised the council that the attendant was a city employee.
The city council responded that the lot attendant had never been on the city payroll.
Meanwhile, sitting in his villa somewhere on the coast of Spain, or France, or Italy, is a man who’d apparently had a ticket booth installed completely on his own and then had simply begun to show up every day,  commencing to collect and keep the parking fees, estimated at about $560 per day — for 25 years. Assuming 7 days a week, this amounts to just over $7 million dollars ……and no one even knows his name.

Flipping Brilliant!

Cute Chihuahua Caught Dancing!

Purina Diet

So I’m at WALMART this afternoon buying a bag of Purina dog chow for my dogs, while in the check-out line a woman behind me asked if I had a dog.
Why else would I be buying dog chow, RIGHT ???
So on impulse I told her that no, I didn’t have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again, and that I probably shouldn’t because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in intensive care with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.
I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and all you do is load your pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.)
Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me.
I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle’s butt and a car hit me.
I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard.
Better watch what you ask me and be prepared for my answer. I have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say.
Now that you’ve read this I have to confess, I copied it from someone else. Share and make someone else smile today….I sure did…lol


Pickle Slicer

Bill worked in a pickle factory. He had been employed there for a number of years when he came home one day to confess to his wife that he had a terrible compulsion. He had an urge to stick his penis into the pickle slicer.

His wife suggested that he should see a sex therapist to talk about it, but Bill indicated that he’d be too embarrassed. He vowed to overcome the compulsion on his own.

One day a few weeks later, Bill came home absolutely ashen. His wife could see at once that something was seriously wrong. “What’s wrong, Bill?” she asked.

“Do you remember that I told you how I had this tremendous urge to put my penis into the pickle slicer?” he asked.

“Oh, Bill, you didn’t,” she said.

“Yes, I did,” he told her.

“My God, Bill, what happened?”

“I got fired.”

“No, Bill. I mean, what happened with the pickle slicer?” she asked.

“Oh… she got fired too.”

I am guessing the wife chopped it off after that LMAO

Love Sandals

A married couple was on holiday in Pakistan. They were touring around the marketplace looking at the goods and such, when they passed a small sandal shop.

From inside they heard a gentleman with a Pakistani accent say, “You foreigners Come in. Come into my humble shop.” So the married couple walked in.

The Pakistani man said to them, “I have some special sandals I think you’d be interested in. They make you wild at sex like a great desert camel.

“Well, the wife was really interested in buying the sandals after what the man had claimed, but her husband felt he really didn’t need them, being the sex hero he was.

The husband asked the man, “how could sandals make you into a sex freak?”

The Pakistani man replied, “Why don’t you try them on and see for yourself?”

Well, the husband, after much badgering from his wife, finally conceded to try them on.

As soon as he slipped them onto his feet, he got this wild look in his eyes; something his wife hadn’t seen in many years — raw sexual power.

In a blink of an eye, the husband rushed the Pakistani man, threw him on the table and started tearing at the guy’s pants. All the time the Pakistani man was screaming, “YOU HAVE THEM ON THE WRONG FEET YOU HAVE THEM ON THE WRONG FEET!”:)

 OMG!!!!!  So this is why men don’t like to go shopping with us for shoes!!!!! LOL

 A must see Youtube Video!  So Amazing!  Over 200 Million hits unbelievable!



Have an Amazing Day!!!!


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