Escaped Capybaras on the Lam in High Park


On Tuesday May 24, 2016, two Capybaras escaped captivity from the High Park Zoo located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   Classified as both mammal and rodent, Capybaras are also prehistoric survivors indigenous to areas of Panama and northwestern South America.   Fully grown, the Capybara can weigh as much as 140 pounds and possesses twenty teeth within it’s mouth.   High Park is very large, much of it’s land area covered by dense vegetation which even large animals such as adult Capybaras can hide in.   There is also a sizeable lake ( Grenadier Pond ), as well as two smaller bodies of water which capybaras can enter and swim through.   Toronto Police officers and civilian volunteers have searched for both elusive animals, but as of this writing it is not known whether either or both have yet been located or captured.   Capybaras are herbivorous and are not known to be aggressive or dangerous.   We love Capybaras and pray for their safe rescue.  (Article by Freelance writer B.E. Shibley) (photo credit google and Cascade News)


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