On Monday August 1, 2016, two juvenile Capybaras were observed roaming around within their enclosed area at the High Park Zoo (Toronto, Ontario) much to the delight of onlookers.   At the time of this observation, the lone adult Capybara held there was nowhere to be seen, probably resting within the sizable wooden structure occupied by all three Capybaras.   Both juvenile Capybaras observed here had recently become famous for escaping captivity, managing to stay on the lam and eluding Toronto Police officers, Municipal employees, and civilian volunteers for entire weeks before being recaptured in June 2016.   This Writer, acting as a civilian volunteer, embarked on eight personal missions through often remote areas of High Park while in search of either or both prehistoric survivors.   Fortunately, this true story had a happy conclusion after all.      (Freelance Writer B. E. Shibley)

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