Toronto UnHumane Society Arrests! House of Horrors

Thank you to the OSPCA and the Globe and Mail for their under cover sting of the Toronto Humane  Society.  I am sure that if it wasn’t for the volunteers and the dedicated overworked  non management staff more animals would have expired.  I think it is a disgrace that public donations that have been allegedly stolen in the past are now being used to fund their legal defense.  The Province needs to step in and take charge as even the Board is tainted with corruption by association.  What is more appalling is that the 5 management staff are still receiving a salary from the THS.  They should be fired without pay!  How dare they use public donations that are ment for the care and welfare of the animals.  The donations have also been allegedly used to initiate lawsuits  which essentially stifle the constitutional right of freedom of speech.  This has ruined the integrity and public trust in the THS.  We need to find forever homes for our little helpless fury friends.  The management must be accountable for their actions or lack of…………….the public needs justice for the animals.  The stories that continue to trickle out are shocking and appalling examples of corruption.

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