One winner in last nignt’s draw – Next Friday’s draw is $10 Million!!!

There was one winner in last night’s draw.  Winning number results are provided by   Next Friday’s draw is an estimated $ 10 Million.

Know your Limit!  Play with in it!

The numbers that appear on this site do not constitute official winning numbers. Please contact your participating retailer for confirmation.


The next Jackpot is  Fri, Aug 26
Winning Numbers


04142441434649 bonus 01

Match Number of winning tickets sold in Canada Prize
7/7 1 $40,000,000.00
6/7 + Bonus 4 $130,291.70
6/7 74 $7,042.80
5/7 5038 $129.30
4/7 113314 $20.00
3/7 + Bonus 105960 $20.00
3/7 1003788 FREE PLAY
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