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The Apple I-Pad – Tech Review

Apple Ipad   The Apple I-Pad tablet uses a lithium polymer battery, as an electric power source, and contains the Samsung A5X microchip.   First mass produced in March 2012, the A5X microchip has a clock rate of between 800 megahertz and one gigahertz.   The Apple I-Pad features wireless Internet access, and has a built-in miniature 5-mega […]

No mourning at Apple store for loss of Steve Jobs

The World grieves a Visionary and Technological Icon.  I like thousands made my pilgrimage to the Apple store at the Eaton’s Centre Toronto Canada on Thursday to pay my respects and to catch a glimpse of how others were reacting to the news of Steve Jobs death.  Personally, I have nothing but praise for Steve Jobs he actually […]

Death of a Technological Icon

It is with great sadness that we report the death of a Technological Icon Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple Computers on Wednesday at the age of 56.   We will miss you greatly Steve.  Thanks for making technology so cool.   RIP 1955-2011  Lucky