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Morning Smile

Today’s morning smile is from one of my favourite sites Fun Zone (Facebook).    Well August is starting out to be quite the crazy busy month so far.  Just a reminder to check us out on Facebook and Like us by clicking on the F in the upper right hand corner of this page.  Well  I […]

Quotes of the day

This great smile is from one of my favourite site Can U Still Hear Me? (Facebook). Today I want to challenge and empower each and everyone of you to take back your life.  Now more than any time in history we are blessed with opportunities beyond our imaginations if we just opened our eyes, mind and spirit to the possibilities […]

Morning Smile

Today’s great smile is from a new site I found Meanwhile back in Canada (Facebook).  Unfortunately, due to a family emergency and my own health I have been taking some time off to deal with every thing.  Although I do have many commitments this month I promise to try and post more often I miss […]