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Shopping Alert! – LOULOU’S Shop ’Til You Drop 2011!

Tomorrow is The premiere shopping event of September.  Four hours of non stop shopping pandemonium.  If you haven’t RSVP yet take a minute to do so now by clicking on the link below.  Remember if you don’t RSVP each store you cannot participate.   Shopoholics check out LouLou’s Shop ’til You drop on September 21. 2011 only […]

Extreme Shopping Event Tonight!

 Shopoholics check out LouLou’s Shop til You drop tonight Shop ’til You Drop.  Sign up and RSVP can hardly wait to check out the faux fur scarf you get as gift from Winners with $50 purchase.  So many shops so little time. Check out the map and list of shops participating.  Happy treasure hunting!  Thanks […]