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Loss of Innocence at Connecticut Elementary School

 Image: Google Images Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Connecticut Elementary School shooting.   We respect their need for privacy during this very difficult time.  It was a day like any other in a scene that plays out every weekday in every State and in every town.  With hurried kisses, hugs and good-byes innocent children are […]

Morning Smile

On this cold and damp morning I thought we could all use a little light hearted humour to start the weekend off.  This morning smiles come from Google and Facebook.  So many selections today I will try to cover them all.  Our smiles are care of a some really great sites Can U Still hear […]

Google email Undo button Genius!

Have you ever wanted to tell your boss exactly what you thought of them or perhaps you have broken up with someone via email only to regret and eternally agonize over your decision?  No more!  As long as you use Gmail and hit the undo button within 30 seconds major faux pas can be avoided thanks to […]