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Loss of Innocence at Connecticut Elementary School

 Image: Google Images Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Connecticut Elementary School shooting.   We respect their need for privacy during this very difficult time.  It was a day like any other in a scene that plays out every weekday in every State and in every town.  With hurried kisses, hugs and good-byes innocent children are […]

Breaking News Update!

In unsubstantiated reports from Police tweets there has been an arrest in the Saturday shooting at the Eaton Centre.  As per CP24 there have been a tweet from Toronto Police that an arrest has been made. On Saturday with thousands perhaps 10s of thousands of shoppers at the Toronto Eaton Centre in and around the […]

Shots Rock Queen’s Quay and Lower Simcoe Street

Under the glow of the CN Tower shots rocked Queen’s Quay and Lower Simcoe Street.  As I was up working on my blog shots rang out at 218 Queen’s Quay (unconfirmed).  A condo concierge was shot in the leg while attempting a citizen’s arrest.  In unconfirmed reports 3 men attempted to enter the condo complex […]